System of Motorcycle Control

What is IPSGA?

Better riding is not about riding slower, 

it’s about helping you stay one step ahead of other road users.

Knowing how to safely predict hazards, anticipate other riders’ behaviour and accurately assess road and traffic conditions will help you to become a more controlled, confident and, ultimately, a better rider.

When you buy an Advanced Rider Course package from IAM Roadsmart you will be allocated a Group Observer who will prepare you fully for your Advanced Riding Test. 

The preparation will involve a number of observed rides where your Observer will guide you through the system of motorcycle control as detailed in the course training materials.

We believe the cost of an Advanced Riding course is excellent value for money although we do reserve the right to ask for an additional contribution of £7 for each observed ride to cover the petrol costs of your Observer, as they will accompany you on their own motorbike.

The System of Motorcycle Control is a way of planning your riding that is methodical, safe and releases the potential of the motorcycle. The five phases of the System (IPSGA) are:

  • Information
    By constantly Taking, Using and Giving information you remain aware of your changing surroundings and, combined with the rest of the system, you are able to make good decisions in good time.

  • Positioning
    Are you in the best place to see, to be seen and to use what you can see? Changing where you ride on the road can add valuable seconds to your decision making time and the distance you can see to stop in. Correct positioning based on the changing information around you gives you more information; more information gives you more options. Do you know where you ride and why?

  • Speed
    Good information and positioning will minimise surprises and allow you to make the best progress in the prevailing conditions. Anybody can ride fast in a straight line but the system will teach you to plan your speed to greater effect for safer, smoother overtaking and to carry your correct speed through bends

  • Gear
    Understanding where you are on the road, what is ahead and planning your ride will lead you to be in the right gear for the current and oncoming circumstances. The system will stop you fumbling for the right gear which could contribute to a missed overtake or going into a corner badly.

  • Acceleration
    The modern motorcycle has many benefits over many other vehicles, more flexible, better visibility, quicker acceleration etc. Using the above phases of the system will allow you to maximise these benefits.
    Each element of IPSGA should not be applied slavishly but always be considered.

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